Pipeline construction

The pipeline construction department has its strengths in plant engineering. In this case, pipe components are prefabricated in our Meppen works and then assembled on site in the shortest possible time. Maintenance work is also carried out.

Since Schone & Bruns has been certified to AD 2000 HP0/HPO 100 R, work on pipelines in the high-pressure range and on pressure vessels can be carried out without problems.

We retain certified welders to DIN EN 287 and procedure auditing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15614 for various materials, wall thicknesses and welding positions.

In pipeline construction, we also follow the concept of manufacturing the largest possible spools in in-house prefabrication and assembling these subsequently. This means that both assembly work and standstill times can be kept as short as possible.

Isometric projections are drawn up using a CAD program.